The bathtub with door represents the logical evolution in bathtub design.

We are now going to add an integrated wastewater heat recovery system.


The cold water connection is connected to the exchanger and the water outlet to the thermostatic faucet.

Up to 40% of the heat from the leaving water is recovered and transferred to cold water.



-0,350 To/Co2

150 kW/h

Go green and save money without changing your showering or bathing habits.

  • Sanitary level acrylic material,

  • warm at the touch

  • 6mm safety glass door

  • Manual opening and closing

  • stainless steel hinges

  • Internal metal adjustable support

  • Automatic drain with overflow

  • Non-slip bottom in 3D micro relief

Bathtub dimensions:

  • 170cm x 80cm


  • manual opening door on the right side
  • Pre-installed exchanger

  • Material AISI 3016 L marine grade steel

  • Minimal pressure loss

  • Easy access for cleaning

  • Removable and ergonomic box

  • Recyclable materials

  • BSP or PressFit connection

The waste water heat exchanger is pre-installed, it is connected to the incoming cold water pipe and to the shower mixer.

The waste water never come into contact with the cold water that enters the system.

Be part of our growing community to help save Co2, water and energy without changing your habits


1.What phase is the project in?

  • The bathtub with door is mass-produced.
  • We have the advanced and functional version of the exchanger model and the final specifications
  • We have the definitive list of components and materials
  • We have a prior agreement from the manufacturing partner
  • We have drawn up the plan for compliance with tests and regulatory standards

2.Where it is manufactured?

  • All the components and products that we sell are entirely manufactured in Europe to reduce the carbon footprint.

3.Where do these numbers come from?

  • They come from tests carried out in our own facilities,
  • Before launching the product, we will approve it with an independent institute, such as spanish  AIDIMME, KIWA from Netherlands, or the German TUV.

4.What is a heat exchanger?

  • is a device designed to transfer heat between 2 fluids or between a fluid and a solid that is in contact with two fluids.
  • They are fundamental in heating systems, refrigeration, air conditioning, energy production, chemical processing, and in heaters, refrigerators, boilers, computers, the automobile radiator, etc.

5.Where can I buy these products?

  • Standard products (bathtub with door or shower tray with exchanger) in authorized stores or online,
  • the bathtub with exchanger is under development

6.Does the waste water heat exchanger need an electrical connection?

  • Does not need electrical connection


This project is financed with own funds and contributions through the Kickstarter platform.

You can help make this project come true in a shorter period of time.

The sooner it is on the market, it will contribute to the reduction of energy consumption and Co2 worldwide.

In addition, you will benefit from special prices and other advantages.


You can contact us if you are interested in purchasing or marketing this product as soon as it is in the industrialization phase.

You do not need to make any payment to make the reservation.

Get in touch with us through the contact form.

We appreciate your interest


If you want it to be easier when it comes to showering or bathing without having to jump over the skirt, we have the bathtub model with door as standard , without the heat exchanger component.

We also have shower trays with built-in heat exchanger as standard.

Thanks for your time and interest.