We are always focused on improving sustainability and energy efficiency.


  • Our team is comprised of passionate engineers, designers, and creative people who care deeply about the future and are committed to making everyday products better in every way.

  • Since our beginnings, our mission has been to offer sustainable products of proven quality.

  • In a new project, we have considered it useful to develop an energy and CO2 saving system integrated into a designer bathtub shower. For this, we have entered into a strategic and commercial alliance with a leading manufacturer in the bathtub and shower tray industry, to help us incorporate our technology into affordable quality products on a large scale.

  • After an additional two years of R&D and hundreds of feedback, we are well into the project phase, our next generation product, a bathtub with a door that allows easy access for showering or bathing, and incorporates an integrated system Heat recovery from gray water can help save energy for thousands of families around the world.


Industrial resources

We provide resources for the development and manufacture of products in Europe, with the highest certified quality.

Advanced technology

Production facilities with the latest technology, with great manufacturing capacity, which can solve any volume of demand.

Ergnomy and sustainability

We offer sustainable and ergonomic design products to our distribution network, especially in the European market.

We market and sell a wide range of products, both our own design and leading brands represented exclusively in different markets or sales channels.

We actively participate in the design and manufacture of products such as shower trays, bathtubs, swimming pools, spas, shower cabins, bathroom furniture, sanitary ware, screens, designer radiators, heated towel rails, products for sustainable construction.

If you are a distributor looking for new products, or a manufacturer looking for new markets, do not hesitate to contact us.


The products sold mainly reach countries in Europe and the United Kingdom, but also in Australia and New Zealand, and in countries in Asia, Africa, North and South America.

We offer a guarantee of up to 10 years for all our products, being certified in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 / SRAC / IQNET.

Regarding manufacturing facilities, we have the latest technology, located within the European Union to facilitate the transparency and traceability of contract products.